May 28, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

Our Memorial Day was simple and lovely. 
Josh had to work all day, bless his heart, and so Viv and I decided to take a trip out to my mom's for the day.
I knew that if we didn't go (it's an hour drive) I would regret it because it will be a few weeks now before we can make it out again since I don't want to be that far from home if I go into labor!

My mom is the absolute best.
She made a huge area in the backyard JUST for Vivienne!
There's a playhouse, a big swing set, a playground, a little slide, a pool and by the next time we go it should be warm enough to swim and play in the sprinklers!
Viv had the best time playing all afternoon and was so happy to know that space was just for her.
I can't wait to spend many days at my mom's this summer with her just watching Viv play and enjoying the sweetness of Penny. 
Mom also made tons of delicious food and we got to visit with my grandparents which is always a treat.
It was a relaxing day but we sure did miss Daddy!
We drove home in time to get Josh from work by 5 and I made a big delicious dinner.
After we ate we took a stroll to the playgrounds and we all played and ran in the grass until dusk! 

I love our simple life.
I love that it's so easy to be content with just spending time together and not feeling like you need anything more than just that.
Life can so easily feel more complicated that it should when things arise like paying bills, fixing cars, finding jobs...but at the end of the day when we're lying in bed together and we remember to breathe and put things into perspective, it's just so simple.

(p.s. I was so excited that I got this ponytail in her hair while she was napping! She *always* pulls them right out if she knows they're there but I just think she is so adorable with a tiny pony!)

^Sick of all the pictures^

^ 38 weeks 3 days ^

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